how do you accept your own sexuality and survive discrimination?

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To live in this generation can be quite a lot for someone who wants to "come out". Choosing liberty over unease with how people will think of you is a tough challenge for them. Yet, I still believe that there's someone out there who can totally accept you for what you are and what path you choose to make.How do you accept your own sexuality? I would say, first, is to identify what you really want. Who do you want to be with? Imagine yourself in 5, 10, 20 years time from now. Don't think too much about the people around you, for if they really love you they will support you no matter how long it would take for them to realize. Second is that, you need to gradually realize that as you grow older, you will be more inclined to do what you want to do. By making sure that as you grow older, you need to maintain a good moral character. It forms from you naturally from what you choose to do day by day. In this way, you can get the respect that you want from people and it will not be difficult for you to create a support system, so when you come out of "hiding", you will have your family, friends and colleagues to be with you and guide you throughout of your journey of coming out. Third, is that once you've realized that this is the time and you have your support system with you, and now if you're ready, give it a go and be honest with your feelings. Gather the people around you who matters most to you and tell them that you need to be honest and will tell them something that they may not agree with. Afterwards, be aware that you might not get the reaction you would want to get, but of course, hopefully by setting your mind to not expect anything, you won't get hurt that much.

Now that is so far how do you choose to accept your own sexuality. Do not be afraid. As days go by, you might feel unwanted and such but never be afraid for pain is not going to be a permanent feeling. It will pass. Eventually people will accept who you are and will love you for who you choose to be. There are lots of people around you. People who care, people who are more aware. People who can offer love as much as you do. Living freely and being yourself can take you to greater heights and experience more worthwhile moments. You might be able to help someone too as time goes by. Every person living here on earth has their specific roles to do and people should be inclined to always to good and help other people, not discriminate and oppress.Sooner or later, sexuality topics related to discrimination gets less hits on Google, and people here on earth will always choose to be more loving rather than oppressing.

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